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"Darin and Staycee are the best. As our company has grown and our needs have changed, Darin & Staycee, have been more than willing to make the investment to stay current with industry standards. Their customer service is also un-matched as we have many employment issues and Staycee is always there to handle it. Love you guys!"

-John Foto, From Santa Fe Seconds, South Gate, CA

"We really appreciate you and your excellent service to us and our family. Thank you for being you and for your high standard. You always do things God's way!"

-Bryce & Debbie & Sarah Nichols, Yuba City, CA

"Darin is really wonderful. I moved to Texas for a couple of years, and he actually let me shift my Texas stuff to him and he took care of it in Woodland. He is really good. He is very accurate and has saved me money. He is very professional."

-Douglas Trotter, Woodland, CA

"Thank you for all your years of doing my parents taxes. I also wanted you to know how much I appreciated your help and concern during these last few years."

-Steve & Brenda Ballo, Lake Oswego, Oregon

"Thank you so much for completing our taxes so efficiently. It is so nice to know they are done, and out of the way. Also, not to mention that we don't have to wait for a check, but that they will go directly to our account. Thanks Again!"

-Matt & Leah Leatherby, Sacramento, CA

"We put all our faith in Darin and Stacey when we opened on day 1 which was 12 years, 8 months, 5 days ago and a whole lot of growth and change along the way. They have been through 4 new stores, a name change, franchising and a handful of unknowns and have held our hands through the entire process."

-Michael Sublett from Odd Moe's Pizza, Salem, Oregon

"Trust me, Darin and Stacey are amazing and they find every way to save you money.They have helped my husband and I out so much and are the best and at a good price:)"

-Angie Millard, Oregon

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